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Holy Crap Wtf: Local TV station issues emergency broadcast warning of zombie apocalypse, four people lose their shit(via @io9)

This happened in Montana last night and whoever’s behind it, you get the game ball son! Job well done. I like to think a hard working dude named Jerry was home late at night with his feet kicked up watching his TV catching a classic episode of Cheaters thinking, “Valentine’s Day is coming up. Ain’t got nothin’ for Ethel yet—H-Holy shit! A pancake maker! Wait—what the fu-ZOMBIES!!!—HOLY CHRIST!!! Wait what the shit now?  It makes 4 pancakes at a time. That’s less work for her more pancakes for me!  Awww hell they’re rising from the dead tonight? Right now? Well ain’t no dead man stopping this living man from getting his baby what he needs.”  Then the Montana version of Shaun of The Dead kicks into high pancake crisis end of the world gear.

It appears the Emergency Zombie Alert System is working just fine in Great Falls, Montana. Last night, local television station KRTV interrupted regularly scheduled programming with the following emergency broadcast, accompanied by the jarring WONK-WONK-WONK of a televised crisis alert: